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4 ALL NEW Danger Run Haunted Houses Danger Run Haunted House

TERROR TO THE THIRD POWER! We are proud to say that for 2014 we have cranked things up a notch for our 20 Year Anniversary! We have partnered with THREE NEW top-ranked haunted houses for 2014! This means that you get admission to THREE haunted attractions with your ticket! That's an unprecedented value of nearly $60 in haunts! Not to mention, you get an entire night of Halloween entertainment solving the clues to find your way to the haunts.

So, what Haunted Houses Are On The Danger Run?

Louisville Haunted House

We are often asked, What haunted houses are on the Danger Run? We can proudly reply that your Danger Run admission will offer you three of the best haunted houses in the Louisville area. The only stipulation is that we can�t tell you which haunted houses you will get on the Danger Run because that is part of the game! If we told you, then what would be the fun in solving the clues to find the haunts! You just have to trust us when we tell you that you will be very happy with the haunted houses included on Danger Run.

The mystery of not knowing what haunted houses you will get will add to the suspense and the thrill you will experience at each of the haunts you find along the way. The Danger Run is about much more than just going through a couple of haunted houses, it is about the entire experience and the time you spend with your friends and family. You will have to work together to solve clues to find your way to the two haunted houses. Along the way, you will laugh, argue, feel lost, feel accomplished, and get scared! It will be an entire night of all-inclusive Halloween entertainment!

Hours Of Thrilling Fun And Haunted House Frights

Louisville Area Haunted House

You could spend $20 to walk through a single haunted house that will last you a mere 20 minutes (about $1 a minute!), or you can go on the Danger Run for ONLY $20 and get several hours of Halloween enjoyment and you get three haunted houses!

Unlike a haunted house, the Danger Run is a completely different experience every time. In order to conserve time and energy, most haunted houses will only change a handful of scenes every year. Not that this makes your experience any less scary, but going to the same haunted house a number of times on an annual basis will get a bit redundant. The Danger Run, on the other hand, has 12 different courses AND 3 different haunted house which will offer a unique experience every time you go. You could literally go on the Danger Run every night of operation (12 nights) and have a different clue solving experience everytime!

Taking You To THREE Of The Scariest Haunted Houses

Scary Haunted House

We at the Danger Run are dedicated to providing the most unique Halloween experience that you will ever have and we go to extremes to make sure that this event is everything that you want it to be. Long story short, the haunted houses you will get with your Danger Run admission will be THREE of the absolute SCARIEST haunted houses that the Louisville area has to offer.

Take a look at our list of local haunted houses. THREE of these haunted houses are on the Danger Run (you do NOT get to choose three!). Which three? You'll just have to go on the Run to find out!

Louisville Haunted House Page

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"Best Louisville Halloween Attraction"- About.com more...

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