For 2017, the Danger Run is taking you to TWO commercial, stand alone haunted attractions that combined would cost more than admission to the Danger Run. Not only do you receive one of the most unique haunted attraction games in the country with a chance at HUGE prizes, but you will save on your admission to TWO haunted houses!

This year, we we have gone out of our way to lead you on an adventure that explores ALL NEW spooky roads to visit attractions that you've never before experienced. AND the two attractions are two totally different experiences to give you the best variety of attractions possible. We are confident that you will not find a more inclusive and unique entertainment experience any where in the world!

While we prefer that the identities of the haunts remain a mystery to enhance the fun of the game, we also realize that there are some out there that MUST know. We can tell you that over 23 years of being in business, we have partnered with nearly every major haunted attraction that Louisville has to offer. This year is no different, both haunts are commercial attractions that are open to the public. Both are unique and will give you the most well-rounded haunting experience possible. If for some reason you absolutely must have the identities revealed, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.